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NEW USES FOR OLD THINGS | Glasses Case As Manicure Kit

While I'm on a's another "new uses for old things" idea.  When I was in the hospital, in pre-surgery last month, I was given billed for an eye glasses case while I was in surgery (since I didn't bring one to the hospital...).  Instead of donating it to someone or discarding it, I came across this idea on listotic and knew I had to implement it into my life.
My current manicure kit has been inside of a mini toiletry bag that is open at both ends where tiny little clippers could slide right out!  This new eye glasses case will be perfect for me and it takes up less space than the mini toiletry bag and is completely secure!  Why didn't I think of this!?!

NEW USES FOR OLD THINGS | Empty Paper Towel Roll As Boot Stands

Good morning my lovely readers!  It has been four weeks since my surgery and I am excited to be feeling better and more energetic these days!  I'll post more in detail later.  However, I wanted to share a new "New Uses For Old Things" post with you.  As I was searching on pinterest this morning, I came across a diy boot stand idea (she cut pool noodles inside her boots) which I had already been doing for years, but in a different way.  Let me show you! I love using something that would normally just go into the recycling!  You can't beat free!  I'm sure I'm not the first one to figure this one out, but thought I'd share anyway.  Happy Wednesday!


There are so many experiences that I simply forget to blog about, encounters with God, that are such a testament to His goodness and faithfulness and love.  Two nights ago, I had one of those encounters and I have felt lead to write and share.  Happy Sunday all and may this encourage your heart.
Late Friday evening I was having a conversation with my husband, one of those sweet, sort of quiet moments just the two of us, and I was crying and pouring out my heart to him.  Asking the difficult question about WHY God would have us go through our miscarriage.  WHY did our baby have to die?  WHY didn't I just schedule my annual exam the year prior when I was due and the tumors would have been found and the miscarriage would never have happened!  Or, when I did end up scheduling my annual, WHY did I then two days later have to find out that we were pregnant after a year of trying?  WHY did my sister-in-law have to get pregnant and be due just four weeks before us?  WHY, WHY, WHY!?!  I was…


I thought I'd post a status update online for those who I can't visit in person.  The pain medications have caused dizziness and drowsiness, so I apologize if I sound like I'm rambling...

If you'd like to learn the story of how the tumors were found you can catch up HERE.

Things have been pretty boring around here recently.  I had my surgery (Open Abdominal Myomectomy) three weeks ago today and I am glad to say that I am on the mend!  And tumor-free!!!  Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers, calls, gifts, and hospital visits!  Surgery went really well and the doctors were able to remove ALL of the tumors (8 in total).  A few of them were quite large (1 was the size of a baseball and 1 looked to be almost two baseballs conjoined) with the rest varying in smaller sizes.  Honestly, I have no idea how they all fit inside of me.  They had been shrinking prior to surgery so I was grateful to hear that there weren't any complications.  I asked the doctor if he could t…


The weekend before my surgery, a couple girlfriends and I drove down to Sunriver and floated the Deschutes River for almost six hours!!  For two out of the three of us it was our first time (me included) and we had such a blast!  Wish I had taken video of some of our adventures and mishaps but glad I was able to snap a few photos.
The weatherman said there would be lightning and thunderstorms in the later afternoon/evening and we narrowly escaped the HAIL (in July) after taking out by literally just a few minutes.  The drive back was crazy loud as the hail sounded like gun shots.  Thought I'd have dents all over the rig.  We actually had to park on the side of the road under a tree until it subsided.
I'm so glad I was able to get out and enjoy what was left of my summer before I'd be stuck inside recovering.  These gals are the best!!


Over three weeks ago I posted this photo on instagram, but thought I'd share it today since it's still applicable.  Thank you for all of your prayers.
Today marks 3 months and 3 days since we lost our precious little one. Today also marks one week until my big surgery to remove all of the tumors.  "...above all else, today I choose Joy...I will refuse the temptation to be bitter or cynical...I will refuse to see any problem as anything less than an opportunity to see God..."  If you have a chance, please pray for my continued emotional healing as well as my physical healing. Thank you so much. I appreciate it more than you know.
-quote from Max Lucado