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Last Spring, I bought an all-natural, all-purpose cleaner from my doctor's office. The ingredients were listed on a hand-written label, but it didn't give the specific measurements. After inquiring with the Dr.'s office, they sent me two options for an all-purpose cleaner as well as a natural window cleaner. So today, I'd like to share with you these recipes as well as the products I use to clean my home. Why do I make my own natural cleaning spray? Great question. The quick answer is this: I am making changes to eliminate my exposure to as many toxins as I can. Of course, there is a lot I cannot control (outdoor air pollution), but I want to do my best to take care of everything I can control. According to the Environmental Working Group , the average household contains a minimum of 62 known toxic chemicals. Yikes! You guys, more than almost anything, I want my home to be healthy and I want my family to be healthy. For me, it starts with making conscious choi
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Happy 2019 you guys!! This is my first post of the new year so I thought I'd start off sharing eleven lists that you can use to help you get your life in order for 2019. You may have read my post on creating a Home Management Notebook  years ago. It was great at the time, but I thought I'd update you on what I use now to simplify our lives and keep intentionality as the focus. Over the years I've tried bullet journaling, as well as just using a monthly planner. To be honest, the bullet journal was fun but it was a lot of work. It didn't make my life simpler and took too much time to create every month. Using a planner worked fine, but for the most part, I only used my planner for scheduling appointments. Now I can schedule appointments on my phone and take advantage of the super useful reminders. My current system seems to work best for me, so I'm excited to share it with you today. These eleven lists can be written down in a notebook, on your iPad, l


With the new year right around the corner, I thought I'd share a little bit about what we've stopped buying since downsizing and simplifying our lives. We're heading towards a zero waste lifestyle as well, so you'll see some alternatives to items we have previously used. Before I share this long list with you, let me give you some insight into some of the questions we ask ourselves when we go shopping. By choosing to live with intention, life is much simpler and we save a lot of time, energy, and money when we do go shopping. So, let's get started. Is it on our list? Do we need it? Can we afford it with cash? If we're using a credit card, it must be an absolute emergency. Our general rule of thumb is this: if we can't afford it, we don't buy it. Why do we want this? Do we want this because someone else thinks we need it and says it is a "must-have" item? How long will we use it for? Is it a one-time use item? Do we have something similar


Hi friends, for those of you who don't know or are new to the blog, my husband and I (and our golden retriever) live in a 39-foot 5th wheel/toy hauler on some family property just outside of Bend, Oregon. As a minimalist living in an RV, I thought you might be interested in seeing how I spend my mornings with intention, before heading off to work. For as long as I can remember, I've always been a morning person. A few years ago, I was getting up as early as 4am to go to my CrossFit class before heading off to work. While I don't rise quite that early now, I still enjoy waking up before the rest of the world. And really, I feel my very best and am the most productive between 5-10am. If you are the same way and you'd like to know what I do to have a more joyful and productive morning, just keep reading. And, here are a few tips to help you get started. Tip #1: Get up early You must allow yourself time to accomplish the things you want to accomplish. If y


Well, today's the day. It has been four years since we lost our precious little one. If you haven't read the story, you can find it here . This is the first anniversary that I can actually say I haven't had any tears today, just joy for what's to come when we meet in heaven. Wow! I never imagined I'd be able to say that but, well, I've had some breakthrough. That's not to say that I'll forget, because I will never forget. However, I'm at peace. Let me back up. After our tragedy, I struggled. Well actually, I struggled for almost three years. My heart was fighting God and I was angry at what had happened, bitter, anxious, and depressed. On top of that, I was physically struggling with an autoimmune disease and its repercussions. My heart and body wanted to be healed and whole again but I had no idea how I could ever get there. I thought my body had betrayed me and I thought I'd have to fight this for the rest of my life. At times, my thoug