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When we go through the difficult and challenging times in our marriage, it makes us so grateful for the good times. What a season of enduring "in sickness and in health" but I am so thankful that I have this guy next to me.  He has been so patient, loving and supportive through it all...and by my side when I have felt the most broken and alone.

Over the last four months we've experienced: a pregnancy (after trying for one year)a miscarriagecountless tests, ultrasounds and doctor visitssurgery (D&C)diagnosis of 5+ uterine tumors, even as big as a large potatoIn another two months, I go back for another surgery to take care of those tumors.
Please be patient with me as I haven't felt like writing at all or posting any DIY projects lately.  The bottom just fell out of our world.  Every part of our lives have changed.  Every single part.  Forever.  It amazes me that women have actually survived this heartbreak and lived to tell about it.  If you are a praying person, I …