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Almost one year ago I pinned a bottle cap magnet idea onto Pinterest which I found on ETSY.  Then today I was perusing the Duck Store's website for Christmas gift ideas (it's never too early to plan ahead for Christmas!) and came across these MAGNETIC BOTTLE CAPS which reminded me of the Etsy pin.  Now on Etsy's website, you don't get any tutorials is simply a market place to purchase handmade items and a variety of others goods.  So here is my tutorial on how to make these fun magnets.  Or how I think they should be made.  Obviously since my husband and I are duck fans my theme is from the University of Oregon, but you could print off any personal photos you want!  So, here we go!
What you'll need: Bottle Caps (as many as you want, I stockpiled ten from some beer hubby had consumed)Magnets (I used the ProMAG 8pc Flexible Round Magnets, .75in., though you could purchase the magnet strips which can be cut to any size)Mod Podge or some type of resin or adhes…