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Picture Frame Dry Erase Board

For some time now I have been obsessed with message boards...from chalkboard, to glass, to burlap, to metal, you name it.  After I created the ChalkBoard Frame I have been looking for ways to communicate to the hubby in other ways around the house.

Idea steal:  style at home

old frame
pretty paper
dry erase marker
easy peasy

just wipe off and start fresh!

I changed pens... :)

Thinking about using this in the master bathroom.  I can write hubby messages before he gets up in the morning!  I'm also thinking about trading out the frame for something a little more vintage.  We'll see.

Dry Erase Board Update:  Click here to see how the frame looks with a canvas background.


  1. i love this!!!! now i'm wanting to do this for my wedding! thanks Julie!

  2. Hi Laura! Thanks for stopping by! I just added a link to the updated dry erase board so you could see what it looks like with a canvas background. So glad you like the idea! You can check out more projects under my DIY tab. Enjoy!


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