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As we're nearing the RV move-in date, I am preparing and planning where we will store our belongings and what we'll need on a regular basis. Once we get settled into the RV, we'll need everything, but mainly the kitchen, to be incredibly streamlined. Since we won't have a dishwasher in the RV, we'll be hand washing everything and we'll need quick access to soap. So of course I headed to Pinterest to get some inspiration and as usual, was not disappointed. I found this little DIY from Almost Makes Perfect and wanted to replicate it. In all of the DIY projects I've done, this is my favorite. And the easiest. Sometimes the simple ones make the biggest impact!

Let's get into it!

Make sure your bottles are clean before adhering the stickers. Just like Molly (from Almost Makes Perfect), I used D for dish soap and H for hand soap. One thing I will say is that I found glass bottles to use rather than plastic. In our household, plastic is prohibited as much as possible. Due to my health issues, we don't store anything in plastic containers and that goes with soap bottles too.

I also wanted to share with you the soaps I'll be using. As I've mentioned before here, Dr. Bronner's soap is a great go-to if you'd like to use a natural all-purpose cleaner and it works great on the body as well.

For the Dr. Bronner's hand soap I diluted 1:10 with water. For the Seventh Generation dish soap, I didn't dilute and just poured into soap bottle.

We found both of the Dr. Bronner's and Seventh Generation at Fred Meyer, but you can get them at any Whole Foods, or Natural Grocers, or online.

I still can't believe I'm calling this a DIY project but I just happen to think it is! Enjoy!

Oh! Also! In case you're wondering about the clear glass jar that stores our cleaning brushes, it's from The Simply Co. where we purchase our laundry detergent from! I wrote a review about their detergent here.