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It seems like there has been a heavy trend over the last couple of years on social media platforms sharing curated capsule wardrobes and streamlined collections of shoes, jewelry, makeup, and really anything you can think of. Since we've downsized 90% of our belongings and live in a 450 sqft apartment, I thought I'd share with you my basic makeup collection. This isn't just some of my favorites, this is all of the makeup I own in this world. Now, this "minimalist" collection may seem large to some, and to others the bare essentials. Honestly, I could downsize more but I'm happy with what I have for now.

As I wrote about transitioning to a clean beauty routine last year, I'm still interested in going to a more natural kind of makeup. I've also been reading and learning more about vegan and cruelty-free brands and am interested to see if any "natural" makeup can also be zero-waste? This might be too much to ask for and if there is even such a thing, I'm sure it's costly. I'd love to know if you have certain brands that you always come back to time and time again. As always, JP and I love hearing from you so don't hesitate to leave a message in the comments below! OK, let's jump in!


Now, I use this kit for ALL of my toiletries and my makeup only goes in one of the two smaller removable bags that are part of the kit. If you'd like to see a tour inside the kit, then definitely let me know in the comments!


This is a recent purchase, maybe three months ago, that has transformed the application of my makeup. If I could have either every kind of makeup brush in the world, or this beauty blender, I'd choose the beauty blender. It's a bit on the expensive side but I think it's worth the financial investment as it works exceptionally well. I haven't had any problems with odor or mold and clean it after every use.

All of these makeup brushes seem to work just fine. They are very inexpensive and yet the bristles stay put. In fact, I haven't seen one bristle separate from the brush head. Ever! They are also very soft on the face and hold their shape well. If you are someone who likes makeup brushes, these are a good option. I believe that e.l.f. is also a vegan and cruelty-free company.



If you have any tips on applying the perfect cat eye, I'd love to hear them! I just purchased the liquid eyeliner and am excited to try it out.


So I've actually never used this pencil, but I'd like to, so I'm keeping it. I'd like to learn how to fill out my eyebrows a bit better before I go out in public. Any tips are appreciated!


The closest I'll get to a lipstick is a lip gloss and even that's a stretch. But I do wear it from time to time so I'm happy to keep it.


The MAC mineralize powder is great for contouring when I'm pale. When I've got some color, I can wear it as a normal all over the face, full coverage powder. Rarely do I use the blush, and am considering getting rid of it. Have any of you parted with your blush and then regretted it and had to repurchase?

Well, that's all that I've got in my makeup bag! Again, some of these items I rarely use and others are new that I'd like to start using. But overall, I feel like I've got enough of a variety that I can create the makeup looks I want for special occasions and for the basic "every day" look.

I'd love to know what's in your makeup bag so leave a comment down below!

Thanks so much for following along! Have a great day!