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5TH WHEEL PROGRESS | Power, Paint + Flooring

Since we're trying to share our renovation progress on the blog, here is a look into what we've done most recently. We still have a bit to go before we move in but we're encouraged with the progress we've made. So let's see what we've been up to!

  • JP dug a trench on the property where we're parked (wonderful family has offered to let us park on their acreage outside of Bend) in order to lay the piping so we could feed the power hook up.
  • We hired an electrician to install an RV power outlet (50, 40, and 30 amps on post).
  • We prepped the walls for painting by spraying them with TSP (you can now get phosphate free I believe!) so that the paint would adhere better.
  • We filled all holes in the walls with plaster putty.
  • We started painting the bedroom and living/kitchen space. We still have the toy hauler, the bathroom, the loft, storage area, and part of the kitchen to complete.

  • We ripped off the plywood and wood veneer around two of the three slide-outs because we found water damage on the right interior side. Because of that water damage, we hired a local company to come out and install a new awning to prevent any rain water from getting in. Once we actually move in and bring furniture inside, the slide out will seal properly with that added weight.
  • JP installed the vinyl flooring and the carpet in the living/kitchen space.
In the store, I absolutely LOVED the flooring! In the RV, not so much. But, because all of the cabinetry is a rich mahogany red color, it pulled the warmth from the flooring and made the flooring look red too. SO, once we paint the cabinets, the flooring will look a lot more neutral. When we move into the RV, we'll have a no-shoe policy inside of the rig so that should help to keep the carpet nice and light. We'll be adding some kind of floor trim just to keep the carpet in place better and we'll let you know what we decide to use.

  • Jesse started constructing the dog run for Hannah and dug down to allow the posts to stay in place. It will essentially block the toy hauler side door but we'll be installing a doggie door so Hannah can come in and out as she pleases during the day.

Well, what do you think? We're still working on getting the water connected from the well house so that should be on the list next! We need to research washer and dryer combo units (any suggestions for a washer/dryer combo unit? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section below!) as well as measure all of the windows so we can hang curtains. There is still a lot of painting to do but we're making progress. The walls are taking a good three to four coats, so it is taking longer than we had hoped. We've decided not to replace the flooring in the toy hauler or in the upstairs bathroom/bedroom until later this year or early next year, depending on whether we feel it still needs to be replaced. JP has a number of projects on his list so we'll just keep plugging away at them!

Our initial plan was to move this Memorial Day Weekend, since that is when our apartment lease ends. However, we've already cleared it with our landlords to go month to month, with a significant monthly increase mind you, until we can move into the RV.

Thanks so much for following along on our RV "remodeling" project! There is so much to learn about RVs and we're happy to be on this new adventure together. If you had told me ten years ago that this is what I'd be doing in my life, it would have been laughable to me! But I'm so grateful to be here with my husband and our pup.

Hope you have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!