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5TH WHEEL PROGRESS | Power, Paint + Flooring

Since we're trying to share our renovation progress on the blog, here is a look into what we've done most recently. We still have a bit to go before we move in but we're encouraged with the progress we've made. So let's see what we've been up to!

JP dug a trench on the property where we're parked (wonderful family has offered to let us park on their acreage outside of Bend) in order to lay the piping so we could feed the power hook up. We hired an electrician to install an RV power outlet (50, 40, and 30 amps on post). We prepped the walls for painting by spraying them with TSP (you can now get phosphate free I believe!) so that the paint would adhere better.We filled all holes in the walls with plaster putty. We started painting the bedroom and living/kitchen space. We still have the toy hauler, the bathroom, the loft, storage area, and part of the kitchen to complete.
We ripped off the plywood and wood veneer around two of the three slide-outs because we found…


Since sharing what's in my minimalist purse, and my minimalist makeup bag, I've had a few requests to share my shoe collection. At this point, I certainly don't feel like I have reached "minimalist" status with my shoes but I have definitely slim-lined what I consider to be my essentials. This is a journey of sorts and what works for us may not work for you. Also, for some, the amount of shoes I have may seem very large and for others, very small.

When we first started decluttering, I had forty-two pairs of shoes in my closet. Most of them rested on my storage rack getting dusty because they were simply uncomfortable and never got worn. For some, I simply didn't like the style and color any longer. Once I was diagnosed with a bone spur in my ankle a couple of years ago, the orthopedist prescribed that I stop wearing heels all together. So, once I made the decision to start decluttering, it didn't take much time to whittle down my collection.

Now I own ten p…


It seems like there has been a heavy trend over the last couple of years on social media platforms sharing curated capsule wardrobes and streamlined collections of shoes, jewelry, makeup, and really anything you can think of. Since we've downsized 90% of our belongings and live in a 450 sqft apartment, I thought I'd share with you my basic makeup collection. This isn't just some of my favorites, this is all of the makeup I own in this world. Now, this "minimalist" collection may seem large to some, and to others the bare essentials. Honestly, I could downsize more but I'm happy with what I have for now.

As I wrote about transitioning to a clean beauty routine last year, I'm still interested in going to a more natural kind of makeup. I've also been reading and learning more about vegan and cruelty-free brands and am interested to see if any "natural" makeup can also be zero-waste? This might be too much to ask for and if there is even such a t…