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Once our RV was delivered to the property about two months ago, we began working on it and we'd like to share what we've done so far. When the rig was delivered, there was still a lot of snow accumulation on the property but we were thankful that the roads were clear enough for the delivery. It actually didn't take JP very long to get the rig stabilized, much to my surprise. Now when we enter the RV, I won't get motion sick, ha!


  • We removed the sofa and tables from the slide out and we'll be donating them soon. For now they are in the toy hauler until we can move them elsewhere.
  • We ripped out the carpet in one of the slide outs.
  • We took off all of the window coverings in the entire RV and that really opened up the spaces. That was a feat in itself to remove all of the hardware but we're so happy with how it turned out.
  • We removed all nails, screws and pins in the walls.
  • JP removed all of the wallpaper in the entire RV.

Oh, and FYI, I had to brighten all of these photos because the rig is SO dark inside! We're super excited for when we can start painting the walls WHITE!

Here are just a few things we've purchased for the RV. I'm making a list of other items we'll need but if you'd like to check out our RV renovation ideas on pinterest, click hereOnce we get settled in, we'll have a better idea of things we need.



  • Replace the flooring (we're narrowing down our choices).
  • Paint the walls in the entire RV WHITE.
  • Paint the wood cabinets WHITE throughout the RV (we'll have to see how the white walls look before we can really make that decision).
  • Paint the kitchen cabinets WHITE on top AND GREY below and on the island (we haven't totally decided on this one yet).
  • Possibly replace the kitchen countertops though we haven't decided for sure on that one.
  • Possibly install subway tile backsplash in the kitchen. Maybe this.
  • Replace the shower head with a water saving shower head. Maybe this.
  • Replace the RV mattress with memory foam mattress. Either thisthisthisthis or this.
  • Replace all lighting with LED bulbs.
  • Upgrade the storage bay locks.
  • Install/Replace towel racks in bathroom. Maybe this bar or this hook.
  • Purchase a dining table and two chairs. We're not sure if that means a set, a fold down design or a custom build.
  • I'd like to install a light for our under bed storage.
  • Install water hook ups in the toy hauler for our washer/dryer combo (JP will be meeting with the electrician this week). Here are some options.
  • Since we hang dry most of our clothes, we'll need some kind of a drying rack. Maybe this or this or this or this.
  • A non-adhesive shelf liner might be a good idea, especially when the rig is in motion. Maybe this one.
  • Replace the cabinet drawer handles throughout (this can really add up so we might end up taking this off of the list, we'll see). Something like this or this.
  • Replace kitchen sink and faucet? We're undecided.
  • Get solar panels? Better batteries? The list could go on and on...

To see an idea of what I am envisioning for the RV, here is a photo I found on pinterest. It's very warm and inviting while still maintaining a nice contrast with the white walls.
Whew, we I have so many ideas for what we'd like to do and it all really depends on how much money we decide to invest. Projects can add up quickly, as we found out when we were working on our home before we put it on the market. And really, it's just an RV, so we don't want to spend a lot of money. What we do want is a place we feel like we can call home. Modern, natural light and bright, clean, and open feeling is what we'd like to create.

If you have any advice for us newby RV'ers, we'd love to hear from you in the comments below! There is so much to learn and we're excited for the freedom that's to come with this lifestyle.


  1. Demolition is underway and Hope is already looking better! Thanks so much for following along with us on our journey to a more simple life. Enjoy!


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