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Well, we finally took the plunge! We are now the proud owners of a 2008 Thor Vortex, 39 foot 5th wheel toy hauler. I briefly wrote about her here because we bought her in DECEMBER, I know, I'm a little behind. She has three slide outs and plenty of storage (way more than our apartment!). Over the coming weeks and months, we'll be giving you a "before" tour as well as the progress we've made on the "demolition." That's right! Our journey towards tiny living has begun!

As you've read about in the past, the initial dream was to build our own custom tiny house but after touring some different options and speaking with a tiny home builder, we were forced to shift directions a bit. What we wanted, though reasonable, was at least double our price ceiling. With some design limitations or requirements we had and some time constraints, it just wasn't feasible for us to move forward with the project. We feel super grateful though to have found the 5th w…


Family, friends, coworkers, and patients have asked me how I live in a small 450 square foot apartment with my husband and golden retriever, so today I thought I'd answer that question. But first, I'd like to share some of the pros and cons of life in 450sqft. It is a little different than I thought it would be, but maybe even better!


Our apartment is on the first floor so when we need to take the dog out, it's super quick and easy! It was great after a seizure Hannah had in the apt (the only one so far), after she was stable enough to walk we rushed her outside to go potty. If we had been on the second or third floor, it would have been much more difficult for her and she probably would have had an accident walking down the stairs.
We love that we are in a great location and are super grateful to be near everything we need. I do drive across town for work and JP drives across town for school, but grocery shopping and leisure shopping is very nearby. If I need to run to …


Let's review some of the events in 2016. Well, let's be fair. The blog has been quiet for a few months so some of this that you'll read is new to you! After a three month hiatus, I am hopeful to start blogging again and posting more regularly. Ok, let's get into it!  FYI, this might be THE longest blog post I've written to date, so please bear with me.

After trying for another year to get pregnant, we scheduled dr appointments with a naturopathic physician for JP and I to start infertility testing. JP went first and besides being diagnosed with some food allergies, he is healthy as an ox.

We watched our 9th Super Bowl together. It was our first date and something we hold so special to our hearts.

JP celebrated his 35th birthday! We had dinner at The Blacksmith restaurant and it was amazing as usual. If you are in Bend, I'd highly recommend checking it out. We've eaten there for both of our birthdays and a couple wed…