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Ok. I cannot hold it in any longer.


Once the house closes and we move, I'll post all of the photos that our wonderful photographer captured a few days ago. He made our house look amazing!!! Specifically, I love the evening shots where the house almost glows, and the drone shots.

A few years ago I wrote about our home list which included all the lofty projects we wanted to complete in order to make the house our dream home. Well, plans changed and we decided to do just a few upgrades and leave the rest as is. We are so happy with the results and are so thrilled with how the photos turned out.

This week we had a large group of realtors come in and tour the home before the house went "live" and then this weekend (today and Sunday) we have our open house! We already have a number of showings scheduled so we'll see what happens. We've been officially on the market for a couple of days and have had a ton of interest so far. Our realtor has post…