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Let me start by first apologizing for my lack of posts these last six months. Life has been clamorous to say the least. We've said yes to some things and unfortunately the blog has been put on the back burner...but I'm hoping to change that in the new year! There is much to share so keep an eye out for a follow up "catch up" post.

In the meantime, we updated our kitchen appliances!  It might not sound exciting to you, but we've wanted to update ever since we purchased our home in 2009. If you click the "Home Tour" link on the right sidebar, you'll see what our kitchen looked like when we purchased and then after we painted.  Here are the photos pre our recent update.

When we first purchased our home, a refrigerator was not included. Once we purchased and installed our stainless steel fridge, the rest of the appliances were mismatched. And let's be honest, it drove me a little crazy.

So this August, we upgraded and I'm so glad we did. Not only is everything much more aesthetically pleasing, each piece functions properly (so happy!) and the updates will hopefully raise the value of our home when we put our house on the market this coming Spring/Summer.  Pluses all around! We really just feel so grateful that we are in a place now where we can spend a little money on our home and make it how we want it.

Here are the guys installing the oven. Yes, I'm a little sneaky.

JP removed the oven and had to cut and shave the countertop slightly in order to get the new oven to fit properly.

Here is our updated kitchen in all of its glory. All appliances are Maytag, matching the fridge. I'm not sure if this is too nit picky or not, but the handles on the microwave and oven are different from the fridge. We're still deciding whether we should update the fridge handles so that they match or just leave them as is. I wonder how much of an impact they will make when we go to put the house on the market? I'm probably just over analyzing.

We LOVE our new appliances and are so glad we took the plunge and spent the money. Hopefully we'll get a good return on our investment when we sell the house. More to come, so stay tuned!