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In honor of our recent wedding anniversary, I wanted to share with you how JP and I met 7.5 years ago.  Hope you enjoy the story!

It was a blistery cold winter evening.  The snow was piling up in Bend for the last few hours and had accumulated almost two feet.  I (Julie) was invited to a church college group by one of my coworkers whose husband was the college age pastor.  At the time, I had only been living in Central Oregon for about a year working for the local hospital and was eager to meet people my own age.  Let's just say I was determined to make it through the snow in my little 1990 Honda Civic DX.  After taking a wrong turn, I made it safely only to learn our college group was to be cancelled due to the poor weather but no one had my phone number to let me know.  Divine intervention?  Yes, when I walked in, I was the only girl there!  The pastor introduced me to the guys and a particularly cute guy caught my attention.  He was tall, strong, handsome, and had long curly dirty blonde hair.  He looked like Fabio!  I'm not one to be attracted to long hair, but there was something about him...and the fact that he kept putting his foot in his mouth the entire night!  I especially liked it when he got embarrassed and covered his face with a couch pillow. As I went outside to warm up my car before leaving, one of the guys jumped up and followed me out to help scrape my car.  When I came back into the house, JP said that they drew straws to see who would volunteer to help me and the other guy picked the short straw.

Without JP to defend himself and his story, I won't share how he asked for my phone number through a friend, a few days later after Bible study.  Our versions are very different.

A week after we met we had our first date watching the Giants and Patriots play in the Super Bowl (XLII) on the big screen at the church.  Each year they have a Super Bowl party and everyone brings appetizers and desserts.  After the game, JP invited me to go bowling and play pool at Lava Lanes so we could get to know each other a little more.

That Spring/Summer we fell in love and on July 5th, 7 years ago today, after a day at Hosmer Lake, he got down on both knees and proposed in my living room.

We got married the following June at my favorite golf course, Aspen Lakes, and danced and partied the night away.  The day wasn't perfect, in fact I was sick all day and even dry-heaved the piece of cake JP fed me at our front of everyone!  But, we got married and that's all that really mattered.  Check out the links below to see more photos including our engagement session and wedding photos.

I'd love to hear how you met your significant other, so share in the comments below!  Also, don't forget to check out the "the way we met" instagram account.  They feature stories from people all over the world and how they met their spouse or significant other.  Some stories are heart warming and some are downright hilarious.  Enjoy!

T I M E L I N E:

1.27.08 Jesse + Julie meet

1.30.08 Jesse asks Julie for her phone number

2.3.08 First date

2.23.08 First kiss

Spring 2008 J+J fall in love

7.5.08 Jesse proposes
    + engagement photos +

6.20.09 Mr. + Mrs.
    + blog post 1, blog post 2, more photos


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