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Like many of you I'm sure, I don't know how to sew.  Unless you count the shorts and tank top I sewed in home-EC class in the 8th grade, my skills in that department are lacking.  So, when I found the no-sew pillow cover option (here, here, and here) I knew I had to try it!  No-sew.  No-glue.  No-velcro.  No-button.  Super simple: cut, fold, and tie.

What you'll need:
  • Pillow (mine was 22" square)
  • Fabric (I used an old white fitted queen sized sheet)
  • Scissors or fabric sheers
  • Tape measure (optional)

Like I said, cut, fold, and tie right?  If you aren't using a fitted bed sheet, this will actually be as easy as it sounds!

Trim the "fitted" part of the sheet so that it is a simple rectangle.  Don't worry about measuring at this point.  Just get rid of the extra fabric.

Once the trimmings are gone, you'll want to start measuring appropriately.  The instructions here state you should use 2x the length of the pillow + a few inches, and 3x the width of the pillow + a few inches.  My pillow was 22" square so I ended up using 50x64 1/2."  The measurements were still too large (you'll see what I mean) but I didn't worry about it.  It's better to have too much fabric than not enough!  Plus, I was impatient.

Lay out your fabric.  Iron if you must.

Place your pillow in the middle of the fabric.  Fold either the top or bottom to the center of the pillow.

It's a little further past center but not a big deal because it will be underneath the second fold over.  Fold the opposite side of the pillow now to center.

So...still not center.  Rather than cutting, I just folded under the fabric so that it ended up in the center.

You shouldn't see the fabric underneath because the front tie will cover it.

Fold and gather your end fabric pieces.

Fold both ends across the pillow.  It doesn't matter which end goes first.

Tie the ends in a square knot.

Take the fabric over-under, then under-over.

Tuck your ends.

Is there a wrong way to tuck?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

And there you have it.

I love that the fabric can be untied, washed, and put back easily.  Your pillows can now get a fresh update, or change with the seasons!  Enjoy!