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Lately, I have been thinking about ways to decorate my home without photos of hubby and I everywhere.  Simple, modern art that makes an impact and at a minimal cost (this project was actually FREE since I already had all of the supplies).  I found this photo on pinterest and thought, what a creative idea!
Though I really liked the gold coloring, we don't have any gold decor in our home.  So, I looked to see what types of scrapbook paper I had in my paper stash and found shiny silver and glittery silver paper.  One sheet of each actually.  Perfect!

What you'll need:
  • Frame of any size. I used an 11x14 frame and with the matting it became 8x10.
  • Poster board to fit into the opening of the frame.
  • 1" round hole punch
  • Scrapbook paper of any kind.  I kept the same color scheme but the options are unlimited.
  • Glue stick.
  1. Cut your poster board to fit into the frame, or the matting, depending on what size you will be using.
  2. Place your matting over top of the poster board so you know how much room you will be using. You might want to actually tape the matting down so that it stays in place.
  3. Take your hole punch and punch those circles out of your scrapbook paper until you have about 15 polka dots of each color.  I actually punched out almost double that amount and then realized I didn't need quite that many.
  4. Since I am such a perfectionist, I knew that if I tried to place the circles "randomly" I'd try too hard.  So, I basically tossed the circles in the air and let them fall.  Wherever they landed, that's where they would go.
  5. When you're satisfied with the placement, take your glue stick and glue the circles onto your poster board.  When I started gluing, I ended up moving some of the circles around.  Taking a photo of the circle placement before gluing could have been helpful.
  6. Clean the front and back of the glass in the frame if it needs to be cleaned.
  7. Frame your project.  You're done!
(Valencia Filter)
What do you think?  This project literally took me about 15 minutes.  You could hang this in a master bedroom, nursery, family room, really anywhere!


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