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The weekend after Thanksgiving, Jesse and I ventured out into the cold and cut down our Christmas tree.  Since then, we haven't really had a chance to do much home decorating until now!  And I'm excited to continue the annual Christmas Home Tour this year!  This is one of our favorite times of the year and we are so thankful to be able to share it with the ones we love.  We actually decided to keep it much simpler this year as we had gotten rid of a lot of decorations after Christmas last year and decided to keep the decorations on the main floor this go around (Family Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, and Powder Room).  Less is more.  Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, turn on the Christmas music, have a seat and enjoy this little home tour!

Update:  So, I started this post in December, but here we are February and I am just now uploading the photos.  Better late than never right!?!  Enjoy!

And a little bathroom decor...

Let's not forget the tree!  For whatever reason, I couldn't get any real good photo of the tree.  This was the best shot I could create.  Side Note:  Our walls are not green though you might think otherwise after seeing the photo.

Merry Belated Christmas, in February!