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Part of me was embarrassed and part of me was super excited.  For the last, maybe two years, I have been searching for the perfect white office chair within our budget.  White, white, white.  "What about this chair?"  "No, it doesn't come in white."  Most chairs you find online that state they are white are actually an ivory color.  And since I am on the cheap frugal side, I don't want to spend $400.00 for a real white leather office chair.  So, when I came home the other day with a black office chair my husband was shocked.  Even more importantly though, the chair was comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and on a huge smokin' sale!!!  What I didn't take into consideration in regards to a white chair is that often times jeans will bleed onto the white leather!  Plus the black makes a nice contrast against my white desk, bookcase, and printer table.Let me introduce to you my new office chair from Staples:  STAPLES BRESSER LUXURA MANAGERS CHAIR

Very si…