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Modern kitchen counter stools and why we chose them!

Ok, so I promise we're not made of money.  The lamps I shared with you last week were purchased six months ago and I have been oooing and aaawing over these here stools for much longer than that!  Seriously, I am in love with these stools.  They are actually a replica from Tolix made in France (which run between $250 and $300 a piece) and since I am pretty cheap, I hummed and hawed for months and months before I decided to just take the plunge and order the replicas online.  Introducing the Tabouret Metal Counter Stools (set of 2) for $89.99 from Overstock.  Don't you just love all of the fun colors!?!
We purchased two sets of two in the "metal" color which looks more like a shiny grey rather than a metallic finish.  The stools are super sturdy and I believe well-made, for the price, and I am super satisfied with them!  Hubby isn't sold on them exactly since they don't "match" our kitchen but that is kind of the point.  I have wanted to modernize our kitchen and this is the start to some of our upcoming changes!  We also plan to paint the kitchen cabinets and possibly replace the counters.  What an impact that will make!  I'd also love to update the lighting over the breakfast counter and in our dining room...

Here they are in all of their glory!
There wasn't anything specifically wrong with our previous chairs other than they were made chincy and the bolts would sporadically fall to the floor while sitting on them.  The cushions weren't super easy to clean and I just felt like we needed an upgrade.  Something durable.  Easy to clean.  The metal really balances out all of the wood in our kitchen and dining room.  I sure love the contrast it makes between the traditional kitchen cabinets and the modern, more industrial feel and look of the stools.  And really, these stools could fit in a traditional, farmhouse, or modern kitchen.  Love that!  Since they are backless, they don't dominate additional space in the dining area and tuck nicely under the overhang.  Oh, did I mention they are stackable??

Here are the stools we had previously.  Ignore the soap suds in the kitchen sink!  Ha!
What a difference the stools make!  Again, because I love refreshers, the "before" and the "after" kitchen counter stools.
Hope you are having a great weekend!  We've been so busy and I haven't been keeping up on the blog.  Soon I'll be sharing an update of our P90X progress, Easter, some gluten/dairy/egg free recipes and the day to day happenings.  Stay tuned!  Happy Saturday!