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New Uses For Old Things: Candle Holder as Kitchen Utensil Holder

As you can see, my current kitchen utensil holder is a nice and simple stainless steel crock.  However from time to time I like to mix up my home accessories and wanted to try something new.
This old candle holder (below) had been sitting in our guest bathroom for a long time (3 years?) and we never used it once!  So I thought I'd try and find a place for it and put it to use!  Let me clarify that it had been used for some time prior elsewhere and that's why you can see it's all covered in soot.
So first off I took out the inside vase and will use that elsewhere in the house.  Time to clean this baby up!
Isn't it pretty?  I love the uniqueness of the holder.  Let's just say it adds a little character to the kitchen and I love that!