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DIY Chalkboard Mug

Happy Saturday all!  This has been about two months in the making and I am finally getting around to sharing this project with you!  I won't give a tutorial here but you can check out my photos below.  Please refer to the original tutorial from Amanda on her website here.
Notice the chalkboard paint bled underneath the painter's tape?  It's not perfectly smooth but I am satisfied with it.  Oh, and since I painted above the red paint (look above at the original mug), there is a horizontal line where you can see in the first photo (above) where the surface is not even.  Also, notice the where I painted the handle and how the line isn't straight.  Nice Julie.  The mug can be hand washed and the paint won't come off, however since I didn't use the porcelain paint, the mug cannot go into the dishwasher or microwave.  To be honest with you, I sort of don't like the end result and I don't have the greatest drawing skills so...this is one of those projects you document to say you did it but it was sort of a failure...maybe I need a chalkboard pen instead of actual chalk?  Or maybe I just need a do-over...
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!  Make it a great one!