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Up-cycling old Christmas decor

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Good morning all!  And hello December!!  So I know there are some of you who start decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving but our family tradition is to start decorating on December 1st.  So today marks the first day where I can officially get the Christmas decorations out and blast the Christmas music!  Since I don't have much energy, my hubby graciously helped take the bins out and unload the goods.  I came across a Jingle Bell Hanging Candy Cane that I purchased years ago.  Every year that I take it out, I always struggle with where to place it in the house.  It doesn't really hang well since it's so heavy and since it's so long it takes up a lot of room on a coffee table so...this year I decided to upcycle!  This project took about ten minutes and was FREE, can't beat that!

Let's see the before picture and I apologize for the horrible blurriness.  I didn't check the photo until the candy cane was already dismantled.
For Christmas I decorate with red accents and thought that having red jingle bells would be pretty on display somewhere.

The first step was to take the holly and ribbon off of the main stem of the candy cane by simply untwisting the wire.
Next I used some pliers and bent the metal wire so that the bells could slide off easily.
From this point it was pretty easy to just slide the remaining bells off of the wire.
My idea was to place the bells on a tray surrounding two small candles.  These candle holders are from my grandmother, aren't they beautiful?
 Here is the final result.  I think it is definitely an upgrade from the Candy Cane, what do you think?

And I always love the before and afters!  :)

Excited to decorate the rest of the house!  It is starting to look and feel like Christmas, sigh.  Maybe later this weekend hubby will pick out a Christmas tree?  Don't think I will be joining him since I don't want to be out in the cold while I'm sick.  But I WILL be sitting next to the fireplace wrapped in my super warm cashmere blanket drinking some hot tea and enjoying a good book.  Yes, that sounds perfect!  What are your Christmas decorating traditions?  Happy Saturday!

This is my favorite shot so far.  Looks so much better at night!  :)