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DIY Craft Stick Snowflake

Finally I have finished and am so excited to share with you this fun snowflake project.  I found the idea off of, guess where, Pinterest of course!  My original thought was to hang the snowflake as a wreath on my front door for Christmas time but since it can get pretty windy here I thought the snowflake would be too light weight and decided to bring it indoors.  This really is super simple and I hope you try it out too!  I won't post a long tutorial but you can check out the photos below.

What you'll need: 
  • Jumbo Craft Sticks (Joanns)  (First I tried actual popsicle sticks but they were too narrow and small)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small Wooden discs (I used two different sized hole punchers and punched out circles from small shipping envelopes)
  • Craft paint (I used a silver metallic spray paint)
  • Ribbon of any color
  • Protractor
  • Drop cloth or newspaper

  1. Arrange your sticks using this pattern or make your own
  2. Hot glue sticks together
  3. Spray paint sticks
  4. Spray paint discs
  5. Hot glue discs onto sticks
  6. Let dry and hang!
Inspiration found here and here.

Hope you will try this DIY project.  It was fun, super simple and super inexpensive!