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How To: Paint letters with ease

Happy Sunday all!  I just finished a little DIY project this weekend and I wanted to share how simple it is to paint letters onto wood surfaces.  The idea came from pinterest here but with a tiny tweak.  Jaime from That's My Letter was personalizing various items made out of wood but my item was a wooden sign already painted.  I liked the sign but wanted to change the coloring to better go with our home decor.  Here is the final result.
The project is actually pretty simple.  Using a ballpoint pen, trace the outline of each letter on your item.  Give enough pressure so the pen will indent the wood.  Since I wanted to keep the existing lettering but change the color of the sign I spray painted the sign a gray primer.  After the paint dried I then used a 1/4" flat paint brush and painted the letters white (inside the indent).  The indent should hold the paint if it is deep enough (like a little dam).  Since my sign wasn't smooth, I didn't get a good enough indent on the letter "R" and had to eyeball it.  The first coat looked good but I did do a little touch-up/second coat to make the white really pop.  That's it!  Pretty simple!  If you wanted to seal it you could spray a clear acrylic gloss over top but I did not.  I'm also thinking of hot gluing a clothespin to the sign (in place of the 15 cents), we'll see.
If you wanted to paint and personalize a plain kids toy box, step stool, etc., you could print out letters from your computer, line up the letters to your item, and using your ballpoint pen outline each letter as described above.  You could pick whatever font and size you want!  Love that!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!  Time to finish the yard work and the housework!


  1. Hello, What type of paint do you usually use?


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