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DIY Cork Board Mouse Pad

As I was sitting here early this morning going through Pinterest I came across this bulletin mouse pad from Anthropologie.
Find it here
I love the gold flecks and the simple and neutral cork.  So, I was inspired to create something similar.  Here is my current mouse pad and a small square cork board I already had in one of my craft bins.
Basically, I traced the mouse pad onto the cork then cut and glued it onto my existing mouse pad.  I cut the cork using an exact-o knife but that was a failure (cork was all over the place and created a "jagged" look which I didn't want).  So I cut the cork using my scissors and it turned out pretty smooth.  I did go around the cork using my scissors to "clean up" any part that I didn't like.  Using a spray adhesive I glued the mouse pad onto the cork (I used Elmer's Craft Bond, Extra Strength Adhesive).  That's it!
You can get this flip clock screen saver here.
I thought the cork and mouse pad might feel too thick on top of each other but it works just fine.  I am happy with it and it only took about ten minutes!  Yes, the cork is cheap and looks nothing like the anthropologie item but I like the organic look and feel of it.  I am also loving the variety of textures I have in the office now between the burlap bulletin board, cork mouse pad, canvas wall art, wood desk and bookcase, metal desk lamp and trash can, jute/polyester floor rug, etc.  The office/girl cave is sure coming together!

What is left on the list for the office you ask?  I need an office chair, curtains, full sleeper sofa, I need to hang the 3 canvases above the sleeper sofa and paint the floor, door and closet moulding.  Oh and hubby needs to build me a pull out drawer in the desk he built me.  Sigh.  I will continue to keep you up to date on our progress!  Happy Sunday!