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DIY Cork Board Mouse Pad

As I was sitting here early this morning going through Pinterest I came across this bulletin mouse pad from Anthropologie. Find it here I love the gold flecks and the simple and neutral cork.  So, I was inspired to create something similar.  Here is my current mouse pad and a small square cork board I already had in one of my craft bins. Basically, I traced the mouse pad onto the cork then cut and glued it onto my existing mouse pad.  I cut the cork using an exact-o knife but that was a failure (cork was all over the place and created a "jagged" look which I didn't want).  So I cut the cork using my scissors and it turned out pretty smooth.  I did go around the cork using my scissors to "clean up" any part that I didn't like.  Using a spray adhesive I glued the mouse pad onto the cork (I used Elmer's Craft Bond, Extra Strength Adhesive).  That's it! You can get this flip clock screen saver here. I thought the cork and mouse pad might feel too thick o…

Bookcase Reveal

This has been a long time coming.  Mostly because I have been putting it on the back burner for, oh, 6+ months?  Hubby actually built it back in November/December-ish and it has taken me this long to finish painting.  Oh well.
My thought for the office was to have something light in color and a little modern and I found the Expidit bookcase from IKEA online. via I liked the design but thought maybe having a back behind the shelving would be good.  Hubby said he would build it for me so I gladly let him!  I didn't take too many photos because hubby isn't a fan of being in photos.  Here is what I have, so take a look! Oh, how I LOVE painting...see this was in the beginning.  By the end of it all I vowed to my hubby and proclaimed that I would never paint a large piece of furniture by hand ever again!  I told hubby we would be buying a paint sprayer next go around.  Hubs couldn't argue with that one as he loves to buy new tools and toys. This was my bookshelf for the longest tim…

Purse Organization Part 2

For the longest time I used to carry a messy purse.  I thought of myself as an organized individual but for some reason my purse was a chaotic mess!  I figured though the problem wasn't necessarily me but the purse I was carrying.  I have tried a thousand different types of purses (at one time I owned fifty, yes 50 purses in my closet) but have found one that I absolutely love and am excited to share it with you!  Here is the second edition to my purse organization.
Let's start off with my purse.  It's from the Simply Vera Wang collection exclusively from Kohls.  It was priced at $109.00 but I snagged it for $20.80!!!  Ha, I love sales!  It is an off-white/ivory color with an ever so slightly colored pink bow on both ends.  The single strap fits perfectly on my shoulder and is quite comfortable.  It also doesn't twist on me like a lot of straps do.  Because the purse is a neutral color, it will go with just about everything!  Gotta love that! It is not a large purse by…

DIY Burlap Message Board

If you have been on pinterest for any length of time and like anything burlap then I'm sure you have come across this beauty!?! It is from Ballard Designs and a bit overpriced.  $219.00 over priced.  Not.  Gonna. Happen.
For the office I wanted to mix up the fabrics and textures to create some interest in the room and felt like the burlap would be a great way to do that!  Plus it looked like something I could do!
Here's what you'll need to make this little beauty: Any size of cork board (preferably with a wood frame)Burlap Fabric larger than board (or you could use some type of natural canvas or linen) Staple Gun (with extra staples!)Elmer's Craft Bond Extra Strength Spray Adhesive (or any type of fabric adhesive)Thumb Tacks (or you could use fabric nail heads like Ballard Designs did) Step 1. Take the plastic off of the board and drape your fabric over to determine how much needs to be cut off.  I probably left 4" inches overhanging my board (which is excessive, yo…