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last weekend's adventures!

This weekend we were planning on heading out of town to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary but hubby hurt his back at work this week so he is laying low on the couch.  Me, I'll be mowing the lawn, cleaning the house and doing laundry.  I should probably go grocery shopping but I feel really unmotivated.  I'll have to work on that.

So last weekend we had a great time shopping in Portland for some additional office materials and decor and then had the opportunity to witness our close friend graduate college!  We visited IKEA for the first time (amazing), checked out Crate and Barrel, and then had some good catch up time with my parents and grandmother.  It seemed like such a quick visit but I felt so rejuvenated by getting out of town.

I must say, it was a little painful to be sitting in the stands of our "enemy" (GO DUCKS) but we suffered through to watch our buddy close this chapter of his life.  This is the only time you'll see me support the beavs...

Since we had to leave commencement a bit early, we didn't get any photos with Brandon.  But, here he is finding his seat.  The graduating class this year was the largest in Oregon State HISTORY!!!

What an accomplishment he has made and we are so proud of him!  Since the First Lady herself was speaking at commencement this year, there were dozens of state police officers and members of the secret service all around.  We even found some snipers (not shown).

Here are the items we purchased at IKEA for my office.  I'll post some updated office photos with my new purchases very soon!
1.  IKEA:  GISLEV Rug, low pile, gray (4'4" x 6'5") $19.99
2.  IKEA:  STOPP FILT Rug underlay with anti-slip $9.99
3.  IKEA:  ANTIFONI Work lamp, silver color $29.99
4.  IKEA:  LACK Side table, white $7.99
Hubby could have made this table in about 6 minutes but at this price, it was practically a give-away!

We also checked out Crate and Barrel because I had my heart set on this beauty.

I am so glad that we visited the store before purchasing it online because it was so uncomfortable!  One of the hardest chairs I've ever sat on (Hubby was right and was even gloating)!  We did find another chair there that was incredibly comfortable but at $1000.00 it didn't quite fit into our budget.  So, I will start again on my search for the perfect office chair!

Happy weekend!