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Scarf Organization

Good morning all!  I wanted to share with you a quick and simple project for scarf organization that will give you a lot more room in your closet!

Here is a shot of my current scarf organization:
The way it is now is nice because I can see all of my scarves and get to them easily.  However, I wanted to gain more room in my closet and looked on pinterest for inspiration!  I found scarf organization here and thought what a great idea!  She used shower rings to store her scarves on a wooden hanger.  I didn't have any extra shower rings lying around but I did have quite a few 2" book rings.
Sorry for the blurriness.  I don't have a camera currently and am using my ancient phone which doesn't have a very good camera.

Here is the result:
Look at all of the extra room I have!  Maybe it's time to go shopping??