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Easy Valentine Craft

Since Valentines Day is around the corner, I wanted to share what I made my husband last year.  Super simple and that's how I like it!

My idea came from here.
Super cute, right?

Since we didn't have the Scrabble game on hand, I purchased some sticker letters.  Let me tell you the scrabble letters would have had a much bigger impact than the stickers and I know this because the first thing out of my husband's mouth was "why love you?"  Fail.

Here's the quick tutorial.

  • Frame (mine was a black 4x6 unused frame I found in our bookcase)
  • Craft paper (you could also use wrapping paper or fabric too)
  • Scrabble letters (or stickers in my case)
  • Scissors
  • Any embellishments you desire (I chose a tin heart fastener with a brad back)
Put them all together!

Ta Da!
Easy Peasy!

Have a great day!