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Homemade Photo Booth and Props

For the Ugly Mug Exchange, I added a home made photo booth and was hoping our guests would unleash their inner child.  I was also hoping people would sort of break out of their bubble and have some fun.  Though the backdrop was pretty, the props really made the biggest impact!

Before I show you the props, let me share how I created the pretty backdrop.  Here were my inspiration photos I found online through Pinterest.

Wouldn't that be a gorgeous backdrop?  Then I thought that since I had the white curtains in our dining room, I could hang lights behind the curtains for sort of a glowing effect.  Something like this.

Hoping for this effect.

So, I purchased white on white lights (4 strands) and began hanging. Here was my result.  Not too shabby.

 Next to the backdrop I had a little tv tray with a snazzy photo booth sign from Piccsy:
Printed on dark green craft paper and framed:

I wanted to create cute paper props, but after hunting for sketches, printing, outlining and cutting mustaches, beards, hats, glasses, you name it, I ran out of time.

So, I hit up the good ol' Dollar Store and picked up these props:
  • 1 Red Feather Boa
  • 1 Red Garland Boa
  • 2 Red and White Santa Hats
  • 1 Red and White LARGE Candy Cane
  • Mistletoe
I still got creative however and created a large empty frame to be used as a prop like this.

Actually, I searched and searched for a funky frame but didn't want to pay an arm and a leg and thus came up empty handed.  Then I thought I could probably make something myself.  So, I took a drive to Joanne Fabrics and purchased a black 20 x 30 x 3/16in foam board.  I think it cost me a whopping $5.00.  It was pretty simple really, I just took a ruler and measured out a 2 inch outline around the board.  Then I used my exact-o knife and cut it out.  Knowing that I'd have people holding the frame, I sanded the edges so they were a little softer for holding.

What do you think?  Next time I would definitely add the mustaches, glasses, hats and beards.  What other props would be fun?  Something else I've thought about is an empty white Polaroid frame painted with whiteboard paint so that you could write a caption on it.  OR, what about a chalkboard speech bubble?  How cool is that?  What about a fun "photobooth" BANNER?  Have you ever created a photo booth?  If you have, link up!

The next post I'll share the recipes of all my yummy desserts from the party!  Have a wonderful night bloggers!  xoxo