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DIY Straw Tags and Labels

Good morning bloggers and blogettes!  And Happy New Years Eve!
I wanted to share with you how I created the labels for the straws and for the desserts for the Ugly Mug Exchange we had at our home a couple of weeks ago.

It was a fun way to add a custom touch and some fun to the party!

DIY Straw Tag:  Inspiration

     1.  Printer Paper (yeah, I'm cheap, next time I would use cardstock paper)
     2.  Hole Punch
     3.  2" Circle punch or some sort of a rounded edge punch

They (Postcards and Pretties) used an embosser for the logo on the cardstock.  Looks much more professional.  You could also use a stamp or stickers even!  I printed out the message on my computer.


1.  Print tags out with the "wallet" size setting so that the paper will print nine at a time on one page:

I used this photo, edited it and then typed in my own words to create my own tags:

2.  Cut out logo with the circle punch:

Notice how my circle punch wasn't large enough to include the red outline?  Oh well...

3.  Use your hole punch to punch two holes, one at the top and one at the bottom of the circle:

4.  Thread your straw through the holes and you're done!  Easy peasy!

For the dessert labels I basically edited the photos, printed the tags, cut and pasted to some poster paper and then folded:

Have a great day!  Coming up soon I'll post about the desserts and photo booth!