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Advent Calendar

Earlier tonight I showed you some Christmas decor around our home and I came across this jar which holds our Advent Calendar DIY envelopes I made for hubby and I our first married Christmas (2009).

Before I show you what is inside of each envelope, let me tell you how I designed them.  Seriously super simple!

I bought a bunch of different colored/patterned Christmasy pieces of paper from Michael's Craft Store and then folded them to create envelopes!  This particular envelope isn't the exact template that I used but it would work great!

I bought some numbered stickers and placed them on the top right corner of each envelope!  If you want fun bordered numbers check out these from Design Sponge or download the pdf here.

Inside each envelope is a 3x5 lined blank notecard which fits perfectly!  Below you can read what I wrote on each notecard.

The whole project didn't take more than an hour or two and it was fun to think about the memories I would be making with my hubby.  Some of these activities are designed for children but since we don't have any yet, it is fun for us grown ups too!  Enjoy!

1.  Take out Christmas decorations, hang up our stockings and decorate!!!  Don't forget the Christmas music!
2.  Pick out a Christmas tree
3.  Wrap a toy/gift and take it to a charity Christmas tree (we usually give to children in need at our church)
4.  Make paper snowflakes and decorate the windows
5.  Find the Christmas cds and have a Christmas dance/sing along
6.  Mail Christmas cards
7.  Make a batch of Christmas cookies, yum!!!
8.  Let's go ice skating!!!
9.  Make a list of 10 things you are thankful for and hang it where you can see it every day
10.  Stay up late to watch a Christmas movie with popcorn
11.  Pick out a fancy dress or outfit for dinner
12.  Let's go SLEDDING!
13. apple cider!!
14.  Get bundled up, get the hot chocolate and let's make a snowman!
15.  Make a paper chain for the Christmas tree
16.  Star Gazing!!!
17.  Light the candles...HOT BUBBLE BATH!
18.  UGLY sweater Christmas party/UGLY mug exchange
19.  CAMP OUT...around the Christmas tree!
20.  Spend the evening curled up in front of a fire in the fireplace and watch the snow fall!
22.  Go for a drive-in your pj's to look at Christmas lights!
23.  Listen to the Christmas story
24.  Unwrap ONE present after dinner
25.  It's Christmas day.  Remember you have a family who loves you and that's the most important gift of all.