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Ugly Mug Exchange

Can you believe 2012 is fast approaching?  Hubby and I are just trying to stay composed after this entire month of cooking, cleaning, baking, shopping, planning and parties!  While everything was so much fun, it was a lot of hard work!

For the second year in a row we hosted the annual College Group Ugly Mug Exchange/Christmas Party at our home.  Wow, that's a mouth full!  This year, I wanted to make it extra special and include a homemade photo booth.  We also included a table full of homemade desserts (all of which I had never made before) and some appetizers.  The guests were instructed to bring an appetizer and an ugly mug.

A favor was asked of one of our friends to take photos of us at the photo booth and I think the photos turned out well.  The only negative part about the photo booth was that it was too short.  My husband is a bit on the tall side (6'5") so in the photos you could see the curtain rods.  Oh well, it was still a good idea.

Here are some shots of the party.  In another post or two I will write more about the labels, photo booth and the yummy desserts.  Enjoy!

Drinks:  Hot Apple Cider, Egg Nog, Coffee and Cranberry Juice and Sprite

Homemade Backdrop

More on the photo booth coming soon!

OOps, the P in Peanut Butter got cut off!

Hope you enjoyed the photos!  I'll post about the labels, recipes and how I created the homemade photo booth back drop in another post!  After the party I realized that no one had taken any photos of the actual Mug Exchange part of it!  Oh well, maybe by next year I'll have a real camera to use!

Have a great night bloggers!