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So, yesterday I wrote about how I wanted to create a chalkboard frame for my kitchen.
The rest of the story...from picture frame to chalkboard frame!

Here is the 16"x20" frame I purchased from (believe it or not) Joanne Fabrics ON SALE for 40% off ($11.99!!!)

Chalkboard spray paint from Krylon:  $7.99

Directions: For best adhesion, clean glassShake, shake, shake the can (after ball inside the can begins to rattle) Apply paint to dry surface in a "sweeping" motionAllow 24 hours before initial useOnce dry, break in surface by rubbing full area with side of chalk and then erase entire surfaceGuess what I found this morning as I was getting ready for work???

Isn't he sweet?

Here is a distance shot to see where it now resides in our lovely kitchen.  I couldn't be happier with it!!!

Just a little doodle...
Are there any projects you have done using chalkboard paint? Happy Decorating!