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A New Creation

This is the first furniture project my husband completed for our new (new to us) house!

My hubby knows that I like love Pottery Barn and that I wait every month for the new catalog to arrive in the mailbox.  However our current budget cannot support nor can I condone purchasing expensive furniture from there.

We have company over a lot: our inste group, (on a weekly basis, more about that later), and our church college group (twice a month).  I wanted a place where people could sit down and take their shoes off as well as have a storage for the shoes, purses, etc.

Pottery Barn
So, my hubby offered to build it for me!

Here is the final project in our "entryway"

The basket in the middle cubby I purchased from Target for $20 and it fits PERFECTLY!!!  Thank You Lord!

Isn't it just beautiful???

Now, I must sew a pillow for the seat!  Deciding on fabrics...