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More than enough room!

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about the Pottery Barn Bedroom collection?  And how I said my hubby would build me the set?

  • DONE...from SCRATCH!!!  I showed him a picture, he did some measurements, bought some wood, stained and voila!
The only part of the whole process we (he) can't take credit for is the lacquering.  We had to get that hired out since we don't have a lacquer gun amongst our tools!  Photo on the left is from Pottery Barn and photo on the right is built by the hubby!!!  :)

I love the molding on top and the four paneled drawers!
  He even designed the pull out breadboard!
Next step:  Find stylish yet affordable and matching lamps for the beautiful bedside tables! We found them HERE!


  1. Love your hubby's creation more than the original! Great job.

    1. Oh, I must also agree! So glad we didn't spend a ton of money buying from a retailer. Thank you so much!!!


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