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Home Management Notebook

The idea behind the Home Management Notebook is that you have a quick reference for important items as well as to-do lists, etc.  I have had a few "notebooks" but more like a lot of lists hanging around for some time now but nothing actually put together and organized.  This idea to organize came from Simple Mom and I am really enjoying it.  I tailored some of her tabs to fit with my needs.  Last weekend I hit up Target and found this super cute 3-ring binder!

I am already using a lot of lists so I simply consolidated them and placed them in different sections.

These are the tabs I need for my quick reference:

  • Emergency Information
  • Cleaning List (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Annually, Annually)
  • College Group (Contact List, Activities, Menu)
  • Projects (Current/Future Projects and Ideas)
  • Gift Ideas
  • Budget
  • Birthday (Calendar list of Birthdays)
The birthday calendar will be a big help for me.  I love sending cards and notes to friends and family members but it seems like those dates sneak up on me.  I printed off this Perpetual Calendar and have been filling mine in already.  I plan to also add holidays (e.g., Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.) so that I'm not scrambling at the last minute.

Check out these links to other organizational worksheets (from Real Simple):

Ultimate Contact Sheet
Appliance Inventory Worksheet
Worksheet: Your Keepsakes
Sports Equipment Roster
Gift Budget Worksheet
Holiday Gift List


  1. Hi there! I'm wondering where you got these divider tabs? They're awesome!

    1. Hi Marcie, I believe from Target a couple of years ago! They seem to be much more durable than the regular tabs I've seen.

    2. I thought so! I wish there was a closer target to me here, but I will have to make the trip.


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