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For the past three years, the end of February, the beginning of April, and the beginning of November, have been some of the most difficult times of the year. They mark painful anniversaries of the day we lost our baby and the expected due date. It was over three years ago the only time I saw the word "pregnant" on a stick.
Yes, I've been a Mom for three years. No, I'm not raising a child, but I'm a Mom to one in heaven.

Over the last three years, God has been working in my heart. For so long I was angry, depressed, anxious, life was challenging to say the least. Then early last year we learned about my autoimmune disease and the other conditions it has caused and everything began to make sense. Now I could put names to what was causing me to feel so awful all day, every day.

About three months ago, I had a bout of tachycardia while working (certainly not the first time this has happened). So, I ended up seeing my doctor and the anxiety was consuming me. My focus was…