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As much as I liked the idea of using Dr. Bronner's castile soap for everything, we wrote about it here, I developed some kind of a skin sensitivity to it! After a shower, my skin was very itchy and clean clothes even made me itch.
So, while perusing Pinterest for homemade detergent recipes, I came across a pin from the Trash is for Tossers blogger, Lauren Singer. On top of living a zero-waste lifestyle, which I so admire, she has created her own organic, all natural laundry detergent. At first I was unsure whether a few simple ingredients could be so effective without chemicals, but I was intrigued. That night I asked JP what he thought of the product and he told me to go ahead and buy a container. The detergent was on a three week back order so it was well over a month later before we actually received the product, but SO WORTH THE WAIT! Oh my goodness you guys. This stuff smells so amazing and works SO well!

Introducing our most favorite organic and natural laundry powder detergen…


Once our RV was delivered to the property about two months ago, we began working on it and we'd like to share what we've done so far. When the rig was delivered, there was still a lot of snow accumulation on the property but we were thankful that the roads were clear enough for the delivery. It actually didn't take JP very long to get the rig stabilized, much to my surprise. Now when we enter the RV, I won't get motion sick, ha!


We removed the sofa and tables from the slide out and we'll be donating them soon. For now they are in the toy hauler until we can move them elsewhere.We ripped out the carpet in one of the slide outs.We took off all of the window coverings in the entire RV and that really opened up the spaces. That was a feat in itself to remove all of the hardware but we're so happy with how it turned out.We removed all nails, screws and pins in the walls.JP removed all of the wallpaper in the entire RV.
Oh, and FYI, I had to …


Hope the 5th Wheel BEFORE Photo Gallery
Well, we've already begun to work on Hope and she's already looking more presentable. What you're about to see though, are the original photos from the RV dealership's website. It looks like they've already taken them off the website so here is the link to the main page. Ok, without further ado, let's get into it!

What do you think?

When we first started looking at RV's, we focused our direction and attention on 5th wheels. We felt like travel trailers were too short for JP and we weren't c