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For the last year or so JP and I have been praying more intentionally about our future. We've been keeping an open mind about possible schooling opportunities, living situations, and growing our family. In preparation for the unknown we've been downsizing quite a bit lately. I would even venture to say we've started a journey towards minimalism. The term minimalism has various definitions and misconceptions, but one key idea of minimalism for me is simply to remove what isn't adding value to your life to make room for stuff that is. For us, that means less clutter and more time and energy focused on what really matters to us. We want to design our lives with intention.
The kickstarter of this decluttering process for us has been all of my medical issues. My infertility (I'll share more about that in another post) has made me aware of everything I put on my body and in my body. I've been living a gluten/dairy/egg free diet for a few years now but we've …