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Ladies, we have been given an incredible opportunity. We have been entrusted to care for our husband's heart, to love and support our spouse, and to speak truth into our husband's life to help and encourage him. And to bless him. One of the many ways we can love and support our spouse is to pray for them. Prayer changes lives. It changes hearts, words and actions. It changes marriages-the root of the family unit. When we pray for our spouse we are actively applying God's Word into our lives. For some of us, it can be hard to pray for our spouse, especially if we've been hurt. And for others, it's just a challenge to know where to begin and know how exactly to pray.
Some time ago, I came across a printable prayer sheet through a link on pinterest and thought I'd share it with you today. It came from the Organizing Made Fun blog, and here is the link to the original post where you can print the prayer guides (HERE). Not only does it give you a guide to pray for yo…


In honor of our recent wedding anniversary, I wanted to share with you how JP and I met 7.5 years ago.  Hope you enjoy the story!
It was a blistery cold winter evening.  The snow was piling up in Bend for the last few hours and had accumulated almost two feet.  I (Julie) was invited to a church college group by one of my coworkers whose husband was the college age pastor.  At the time, I had only been living in Central Oregon for about a year working for the local hospital and was eager to meet people my own age.  Let's just say I was determined to make it through the snow in my little 1990 Honda Civic DX.  After taking a wrong turn, I made it safely only to learn our college group was to be cancelled due to the poor weather but no one had my phone number to let me know.  Divine intervention?  Yes, when I walked in, I was the only girl there!  The pastor introduced me to the guys and a particularly cute guy caught my attention.  He was tall, strong, handsome, and had long curly dir…