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This story almost didn't get shared.  Mostly because it makes me look silly.  But not silly in a good way.  However, the following day after I had lost and then subsequently found my engagement ring, KLove's encouraging word was this:

Publish His glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things He does.
I Chronicles 16:24 (NLT)

And I felt compelled to share.  Let's start from the beginning.

It had been a long day of traveling from patient to patient out of town and since it had recently snowed and partially melted, the roads were slicker than an ice skating rink.  I had finished seeing the half a dozen patients scheduled that day and was eager to get back to the main store.  After unloading my work vehicle I rushed inside to use the restroom and then clocked out for the evening.  Before heading home I made a quick run into World Market for a kitchen gadget which I had been wanting to purchase for some time.  I knew right where they stocked it so I was on a mission to get in and check out within a few minutes.  On my way out of the sliding doors as I was putting my gloves back on, I noticed that I wasn't wearing my engagement ring.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

My thoughts and my heart started racing.  Where is my ring!?!  When did I last remember wearing it?  Where could it have fallen off?  Like a thousand places!!

The mad woman search began around the entrance of the building and the parking lot.  I recruited some of the World Market staff to help me search in the store.  Customers wished me good luck on finding my ring.  I gave a description of the ring and my contact info and headed back to my rig with a quivering lip and tears in my eyes.

After a minute or so I composed myself and called my work manager to see if the store was still open for me to rush back in and do a search there.

Aaaaannnd, I called my husband.  In the World Market parking lot.  The ugly cry had commenced and I was transforming into an emotional wreck.  Hubby immediately prayed.

I texted my Mom and asked her to pray that the ring would be found.

By the time I drove back to the office both of my store managers were almost headed out for the evening but I caught them just in time.  You should have seen the three of us.  We were in the parking lot with our flashlights in hand and squinting real hard retracing all of my steps that day.  Of course it was pitch black by now and bonus, the roads were super sparkly from the ice, so you couldn't tell whether you were looking at a sea of diamonds, or rock salt.  We searched the parking lot, work vehicle, the showroom, my office, the bathroom and the warehouse.  No luck.  I searched in my personal vehicle.  No luck.  I even called all of the patients I saw that day and asked if they would do a quick search of their home, or the places where I had been, in case it fell off there.  We even talked about posting an add in the newspaper under the lost and found section in case someone might find the ring later once the snow and ice melted.

From the moment I realized I didn't have my ring, I prayed that it would be found.  I felt like I had searched everywhere and to no avail.  I felt crushed that I had lost something so precious and expensive and didn't know what else to do.

The three of us departed ways and I headed home.  Upon arrival, Hubby greeted me with a hug and a kiss and told me he loved me.  Cue the ugly cry again.

We went into the kitchen and I set my purse on the kitchen counter.  I don't even remember what we were talking about but I went to look in my purse for something and lo and behold...the ring was resting at the bottom of my purse.

MY PURSE!!!  The only place I DIDN'T look!!!

Without saying a word I pulled that ring out and just held it in the air for hubby to see, mouth open and everything.  Then we laughed like a couple of kids.

The only explanation I can think of is that I had taken my gloves off as I was walking into World Market and placed them in my purse.  Since I was on a mission, I didn't notice the ring had come off of my finger.  It must have gotten stuck in my gloves and then rolled out of the glove and into my purse while I was shopping.

To think:  I had the ring with me the entire time!!!

*slaps forehead*

Answered prayer.  Thank You, Lord.

I know this story probably makes me sound ridiculous.  Like, hello, why didn't I think to search my purse in the beginning!?!  But, I wasn't really thinking straight.  And I'm a tiny bit embarrassed.

Have you lost an engagement or wedding ring?  If you have I'd love to hear your story, share below!