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This year was the first Thanksgiving that I've missed at my parent's home and the first which hubby and I cooked our own turkey.  Since I was required to use all of my vacation time for my post-surgery recovery, I ended up working on the day after Thanksgiving.  So this year we stayed in town and invited my brother in law over for dinner before he had to head off to work late that evening.  We decided to make the menu very simple, free from stress and pressure and followed a couple of recipes from THIS gluten-free/dairy-free/egg-free cook book.

Here was our menu:
  • 14 lb Turkey without a brine (we just followed the directions on the packaging)
  • Cornbread (it wasn't aesthetically pleasing but it was delicious)
  • Mashed potatoes with bacon, onions, and DF cheese (yuuuuum!)
  • Steamed mixed vegetables
Yes.  Seriously simple.  The next time I host a Thanksgiving dinner I will add THIS green bean casserole recipe and THIS cranberry sauce recipe, both GF/DF/EF because the turkey really needed some additional flavor.  Also, I would have brined the turkey the night before.  Being such a newbie, I didn't realize that most people brine their turkeys!  *Slaps forehead*  Oh well, it still tasted fine, just plain.  And maybe a wee bit dry.  Since we live at 3,500 ft elevation, I always have to guess the amount of cooking time I should add to the recipe and I very rarely get it just right.

For dessert I made a GF/DF/EF peach cobbler which didn't turn out like the photo in the book nor did it meet my taste expectations.  I know that a lot of the recipes in this book that I follow are delicious so I'm thinking I must have missed something or added too much of something, though I haven't a clue what.  Also for dessert my BIL brought over a banana cream pie from Shari's.

And to keep things interesting we had some adult beverages including orange juice mixed with malibu rum.  The two don't really go together but we were low on wine and up for trying something different.  The drink actually tasted pretty good!

Here is a shot of the kitchen with cobbler makings the night before.

Here's the (add simple + basic) spread.

Ignore the towel in the following photo.  We use it to wipe the dog's feet before she comes inside.  And I have no idea what's on the TV.  This is real life folks!

The centerpiece was a spontaneous two minute project to fill up space on the table.  I grabbed some branch clippings from the backyard after we had trimmed one of our trees.  Oh, and this is the only time you'll ever see the color orange in our home.  Ever.  We bleed green and yellow (read DUCK fans--scroll up for the oregon football chalkboard ranking and win-loss record) and the color orange (read oregon state beavers) burns our eyes.  I don't even know where I found orange ribbon in our house!

Moving on.

Oh, and we had a White Thanksgiving!  I think it ended up snowing about six inches that day.  Both the squirrel and our dog are frozen in stealth mode. It's game on when one of them flinches.  Aaaaaaaand we also watched Christmas Vacation!  One of the best Christmas movies, ever! 

#whereiseddie #heusuallyeatsthesethings #russgogetthehammer

Jesse and I are so grateful and thankful for the blessings and the victories in our lives as well as the difficult challenges and growth opportunities.  No matter what we endure, God is good. all. the. time.

Wishing you all peace, joy, and health.  Happy very belated-Thanksgiving.


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