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Today, November 8th, 2014, they said our baby would be due.
I have dreaded this day ever since OUR LOSS in April.  Nothing has really prepared us for what we should expect to go through since that day and in fact, it seems that every event this entire year has been documented in my mind as either before or after our miscarriage.  I know that at some point I won't think in terms like that, but I don't think you ever really get "over it" either.  You never, ever, forget.

Today could have been the day I brought our little one into this world and that makes the day especially painful.  Today, we should be looking into his or her eyes, hearing that first cry, and wrapping little hands around our fingers.  But our arms are empty and my belly is flat, evidence that I am not bringing a baby into this world.  Today I've carried this baby full-term, in my heart.  The pain becomes fresh again as we have passed through the "markers" or milestones along …