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This morning as I was going through my feed on instagram, there was a loop giveaway that I joined.  In order to participate in this particular giveaway I had to share (with all other followers) my most embarrassing moment.  Part of me right now is horrified to expose this, but the other part of me thinks it's hilarious...probably since it was back in college eleven years ago and it is mostly out of people's minds.

I hope.

A group of us were coming home from track and field championships in one of those large 15 passenger vans you see below.  We were packed in there pretty tight and since I was one of the last ones to get in, I ended up sitting in the first row of seats.  I was battling some upset stomach and bloating the entire three hour ride home and even had to shift positions in my seat every so often.  You must know that back then, I was incredibly shy.  Actually, until I get to know someone, mostly I am still super quiet.  I get misunderstood a lot actually.  But I digress.  The head coach was sitting next to me and my crush at the time was sitting right behind me.  My crush, we'll call him Mr. Happy, was chatting up everyone because he was outgoing and social.  I however was super bummed because I didn't do well in really any of my events and was embarrassed in my performances.  I was just wishing I could get home quickly and forget the events ever happened.  And go to the bathroom.

Now, back then, not only was I super shy, but I had undiagnosed food allergies.  My internal organs were angry at me as I had eaten a very large bowl of fettuccine alfredo and bread sticks the night before.  My skin was getting flushed.  My breathing became shallow.  I began to perspire.  And clench.  With all of my strength and might I clenched.  But it happened anyway.

The ruthless vapors escaped my death grip and my worst nightmare unraveled.  It wasn't one of those cute little petite toots.  This was the mother load.  It had tone.  It had vibrato.  And it had scent.

In one fell swoop, every eye was directed at me.  Conversations were terminated.  Grimace came over their faces.

I froze like a startled little bunny.

The air was so thick, I could barely breathe.  The foul odor hung in the air without an escape.  It was overwhelming and permeated my clothes and skin.

We pulled into the parking lot and that was the last memory that some of my teammates ever had of me.

And that's my little story.  It has never been talked about until now.

Seriously, couldn't someone have helped a girl out!?!  Maybe make a funny joke to save me?  If that would happen now, I would of course say something and then not give it a second thought.  Oh well.  I hope that brightened your day.  I'd love to hear your most embarrassing story so comment below!  There is no judgment here.


  1. ohmygosh that is so horrible!!!! honestly, i try to block the countless moments of horrific-embarrassment so.... but ! i see that you're a member of the peony project!!! i am too and love it! =)

    1. What's so funny is that the memory of the entire situation is as if it happened yesterday, and I can't get it out of my brain! Just one of those things I guess. Yes, well, I am sort of part of the peony project. Betsy accepted me in, but since I don't have a Facebook account, I guess I am not official. But I follow on instagram and pinterest. Does that count?


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