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As I write this, it has been 9.5 weeks post surgery and I have been working now for the last 2.5 weeks.  Below is a photo on the morning of my first day back to work (sorry it's a little fuzzy but it's the only one I have).  I actually look pretty tired in the photo and believe me, I was.  While I was certainly not prepared to go back to work, I'm glad to be getting back into a normal routine.  Life has been busy since then, playing catch-up on housework, studying when I can, having guests over, beings guests of others, and enjoying Duck football!


The parents of a coworker/girlfriend of mine invited me to a Duck game and I had a great time.  We had great seats and bonus, the Ducks won!  What's really neat is that she has become a really good friend of mine and I feel super blessed to have her in my life.  And to think it all started on the first day of work when we learned we were both Duck fans!

On the morning of that Duck game, I went out for coffee with one of my best friends from high school and we chatted as if time had never passed.  I love that.  And nope, I didn't take one photo!  The rest of that weekend was super relaxed as my parents and I hung out at home just catching up.  Hubby and I always wish we lived closer to them and maybe someday we will.

Each year I do something different with our chalkboard to keep track of wins and losses/game schedules and this year I made it super simple.

Last year the chalkboard looked like this.

One of my best girlfriends from college, former roommate and bridesmaid, came from out of town and spent part of the weekend with us.  She is in medical school right now while simultaneously getting her masters degree.  I have no idea how she does it all but she is pretty determined and disciplined.  We hiked Pilot Butte with the dog and enjoyed catching up.  She even cooked us the absolute best dinner and I can't hardly wait to share the recipe with you!  Seriously, it's hands down better than any Thai restaurant dish I have ever eaten!

Just this last week, another coworker/friend of mine gifted me with this amazing hot pink "Super Julie" embroidered CAPE, due to all of the health challenges and "growth opportunities" hubby and I have faced this year!  What's funny is that she had been saying she was going to get me one for the last few months, but I always thought she was joking!  Then lo and behold she presents me with it and I was shocked!!  Isn't it amazing!?!  I am such a lucky girl to have such amazing and thoughtful friends!  Seriously.

Don't look too hard at the balding spot I've got up there.  Ha!  I had no idea it looked that scarce!  But I'm learning that it's mostly due to the hormonal changes I've had most recently in the last year and a half.  Oh well, it could be a lot worse!  :)

It's Monday today.  Make it a great one and don't forget to be awesome!


  1. Oh so fun seeing you and Nini together! Glad you're feeling better and back in a routine. Prayers for continued healing, my friend!!

    1. Hi Kristin! The weekend she came over was the same weekend you were in "Redmond" and I thought how fun it would be for a little reunion! Then I learned it was the wrong Redmond, hahaha! Thank you so much for the prayers! I am definitely starting to feel like myself again!


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