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As I write this, it has been 9.5 weeks post surgery and I have been working now for the last 2.5 weeks.  Below is a photo on the morning of my first day back to work (sorry it's a little fuzzy but it's the only one I have).  I actually look pretty tired in the photo and believe me, I was.  While I was certainly not prepared to go back to work, I'm glad to be getting back into a normal routine.  Life has been busy since then, playing catch-up on housework, studying when I can, having guests over, beings guests of others, and enjoying Duck football!

The parents of a coworker/girlfriend of mine invited me to a Duck game and I had a great time.  We had great seats and bonus, the Ducks won!  What's really neat is that she has become a really good friend of mine and I feel super blessed to have her in my life.  And to think it all started on the first day of work when we learned we were both Duck fans!

On the morning of that Duck game, I went out for coffee with one of my best…


This morning as I was going through my feed on instagram, there was a loop giveaway that I joined.  In order to participate in this particular giveaway I had to share (with all other followers) my most embarrassing moment.  Part of me right now is horrified to expose this, but the other part of me thinks it's hilarious...probably since it was back in college eleven years ago and it is mostly out of people's minds.
I hope.
A group of us were coming home from track and field championships in one of those large 15 passenger vans you see below.  We were packed in there pretty tight and since I was one of the last ones to get in, I ended up sitting in the first row of seats.  I was battling some upset stomach and bloating the entire three hour ride home and even had to shift positions in my seat every so often.  You must know that back then, I was incredibly shy.  Actually, until I get to know someone, mostly I am still super quiet.  I get misunderstood a lot actually.  But I digres…