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I thought I'd post a status update online for those who I can't visit in person.  The pain medications have caused dizziness and drowsiness, so I apologize if I sound like I'm rambling...

If you'd like to learn the story of how the tumors were found you can catch up HERE.

Things have been pretty boring around here recently.  I had my surgery (Open Abdominal Myomectomy) three weeks ago today and I am glad to say that I am on the mend!  And tumor-free!!!  Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers, calls, gifts, and hospital visits!  Surgery went really well and the doctors were able to remove ALL of the tumors (8 in total).  A few of them were quite large (1 was the size of a baseball and 1 looked to be almost two baseballs conjoined) with the rest varying in smaller sizes.  Honestly, I have no idea how they all fit inside of me.  They had been shrinking prior to surgery so I was grateful to hear that there weren't any complications.  I asked the doctor if he could take some photos and he even sent me one photo with all of the tumors lined up from largest to smallest.  For your protection, I won't subject you to the photo as it is fairly grotesque.  You're welcome.

After surgery, I stayed in the hospital for two nights and was released on the third day once I was able to walk and finally eat solid foods.  Oh, if you had only seen me shuffling down the hall with a walker while simultaneously vomiting.  It was a sight!  I am so thankful for such an amazing and supportive husband and family.  Hubby stayed with me in the hospital and my Mom came to help during the day and spent the nights in our home with our pup.  A number of visitors stopped by to see me and pray with me and I was even anointed with oil.  What a breath of fresh air!

My sweet hubby was able to get time off of work for the first week to take care of me.  He cooked me meals, refilled my liquids, helped me in the restroom and was at my beck and call whenever I needed him.  I have really felt the love as friends and family have come to visit and check in on me here at the house.  On day four hubby helped me take my first shower and on day seven I ventured for the first time, with his help, outside and down the street to the mailbox (one house away).  I felt like I waddled, which apparently I did, but I went out despite the pain, unusually cold Summer temperature and rain.

We also learned that day the pathology results revealed the tumors were NOT cancerous!!  Praise God!!  What a relief!  Though the chances were very low that they were cancer, the thought was always in the back of my mind.

Once hubby went back to work, my Mom came to stay with us that second week and I can't begin to tell you how much she helped me!  Everything from cooking, to cleaning, to refilling my fluids and getting me hydrated.  But even more so, she was a friend and an encourager.  She is the best Mom on the planet and I am so blessed to have her as mine!

She took me to the doctor's office for my two week post-op appointment and the doctor told me that I was recovering normally.  He even said I could take the bandages off covering the incision and stitches.  He wants me to walk more but to "listen to my body" always, and released me to drive now that I'm off the narcotics.  Until my next doctor's visit (at six weeks), I will be unable to lift more than ten pounds.  He says during recovery, I will have good days and bad days, but to not get discouraged.  Here is a photo after that appointment.  As you can tell, I'm still very swollen and look pregnant.  This is real life folks, especially the laundry and unmade bed!

One of our pastor's wives graciously set up a meal train for me for the next two weeks and I am so, so grateful.  A meal train helps organize the giving and receiving of meals for someone (I had never heard of it before).  Since I have so many food allergies (gluten, dairy, eggs, mushrooms, and bananas), I didn't want to burden anyone with asking for help with meals, and I even declined invitations from friends.  But this is so great!  It takes into account preferred meal times, food preferences, and even available days.  It is SO helpful and I can even see online in advance who has scheduled what meal, and when.  What a blessing these women have been to me and my husband.  And it has certainly become the best part of my day (other than seeing hubby come home from work!)!

Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers!  God is SO good!!!


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