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Happy Very Belated 4th to you!

So, I'm a little behind yes, but here we go!  Our 4th was pretty laid back with a BBQ at our home with some friends Friday evening (didn't get any photos, boo).  The weather was great that night, clear blue skies with a little breeze and perfect temperature.

After the BBQ, Hubby made a cozy bed with lots of blankets and pillows in the back of our new (to us) truck, more on that later, as we snuggled in close and watched the annual fireworks display off the butte.  We took some awkward photos (below) and since we couldn't get any good ones, I thought I'd share a couple of the failed ones (hence why they are black and white, hahaha).  The flash was so bright that we were blinded and couldn't barely keep our eyes open, or look at the camera for that matter!  Not sure why the camera flash washed me out so badly in the second photo, but I guess that was part of the problem.  I desperately need help taking photos in low or non-existent light.  Enjoy!