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I'm back!!  Hi my lovely readers!  So sorry for the lack of posting lately but it has just been crazy!  Instead of writing 17 new posts, I will write 1 and share through photos.  Sorry in advance for the picture overload.

The hubby and I were invited (by my employer) to the Saints Gala Benefit put on by the St. Charles Foundation in November.  It's pretty rare that we get to get gussied up and wear fancy clothes, but I was beyond thrilled to see my husband in a suit!!  Don't get me wrong, I love my man in his Carharts...but there is just something about a man in a suit!  So I caved and bought him two! Below is the clinical team I'm a part of and then the larger group with spouses and significant others.

We went miniature golfing and the husband beat me.  I have played golf since I was 7 years old and he whooped me.  But did you see on the back 9 I kind of got better?  Just takes me a round or two to warm up.  Oh yeah...and he got a hole in one.  Show off.

Ugly Christmas Sweater day at work.

Jesse and my FIL have done a ton of work on our Mustang.

Christmas Card Fail.

Christmas Eve service at our church.

Christmas with part of my side of the family (parents, grandmother, brother, sister in law, and nephew).  Love the boys showing off their new jackets.  Excuse me while I sprawl out on the floor completely oblivious to the camera, clearly focused on the game at hand.

Unfortunately, hubby and I were sick when we planned to get together with my sister, brother in law, and nieces.  No one wants to see photos of the sickies but here is a little nugget message from the halls I was sucking on.  A pep talk in every drop.

Christmas Sushi with hubby, FIL, and BIL.

We watched the Ducks play Texas in the Alamo bowl and WIN!!!

Some family friends invited us over for new years and I literally didn't get any other shots besides these three.  There were about 20 of us blasting off those pop rocket thingies (no idea what they're called) and toasting champagne for the new year!

New Years Day morning (more like noonish), hubby surprised me by taking me out to brunch at McKay's Cottage.  It was nice to be spontaneous and we enjoyed our time together.  This is my no make-up, barely brushed my hair, kind of morning.  I guess we don't look too shabby for only getting a few hours of sleep!

Mid-January, we watched the athletes compete in the Oregon Crossfit Winter Games here in Bend.  These photos were taken by Oregon Crossfit.

And most recently we celebrated 6 years since our first date and therefore our 7th Super Bowl!!  It doesn't matter who plays, we never miss that game!  And we make sure to take silly photos!

Today we are vegging in the house recovering from our most recent sickness this week.  Hubby was home sick for two days and I for three days.  Yuck.  One of these days we'll actually get to enjoy the snow.  This photo was taken early this morning and the snow keeps falling!  Haven't measured, but we're pushing two feet by now.  LOVE IT!!  It is also perfect snowboarding powder!!!  Beautiful.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, New Years, and next week a great Valentines Day!  Later today I should be posting a Christmas Home Tour as well as a quick little DIY project I tried out this morning.  Happy Saturday!